Free Online Industrial Safety Courses

By | February 9, 2022

Free Online Industrial Safety Courses :-


Free Online Industrial Safety Courses

As u know that Safety is a must in human life, either that is related to self safety or other safety. In our social life we always follow safety rules like at our home, on Road safety & in Industrial Safety. Today we are discussing Industrial Safety ( Online Industrial Safety Courses ). In industry there are more chemical are produced. Some chemicals are more hazards like Ammonia, Chlorine, Acids etc.

In industrial safety we study the handling of these hazards chemicals. All hazards Chemicals ( it may be Solid, Liquid & Gases) have different physical and chemicals properties.

On the basis of their properties chemicals react.

Here we are providing you industrial safety study material. You can study that on any topics and after that complete your training. When you complete your training then safety certificates are provided to you.

These industrial training are available online. You can apply and learn for any selected training.

The best website offers online safety training that is


Online courses offered by The chemical safety Association:-


25 Free CPD level safety training


*COSHH Awareness


* Course on Assessing Chemical Risk™


*The COSHH Risk Assessor Certification™


*The Safety Data Sheet Awareness Certification™


*The COSHH Manager Certification™


*Spillage Response Awareness Training


*COSHH and Respiratory Sensitizers Awareness Course


*Asbestos Awareness


*COSHH and Working in Confined Spaces


*the Safe Use of Cleaning Chemicals


*COSHH Hazard Communication Awareness


*Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


*Slips, Trips and Falls Awareness Course


*Occupational Dermatitis Prevention


*Hazardous Substances Routes-to-Entry


*Accident Reporting Awareness


*Health and Safety Induction


*Fire Safety Induction


*Electrical Safety Awareness Certification


*Forklift Truck Safety Awareness


*Working at Height Safety Induction


*Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention in Cleaning Staff


*Manual Handling Operations Awareness


*Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Awareness


*Positive Intervention and Situational Awareness Induction


*It’s very simple to do online training at that website.


Step-wise full process to get online industrial training.


Step 1: Go to official website of chemical safety association


Step 2: In the top Link bar you see THE SAFER CHEMICAL INITIATIVE . Click on it scroll down find FREE ONLINE SAFETY EDUCATION . Click on that



Step 3 : A new page will be open , where you can see all free 25 courses . In all 25 courses you can get free training with a certificate. On top right side you will get a link GET FREE SAFETY TRAINING. click on that


Step 4 : A new window will be open . To start online training firstly you must login.( Create an account ) click on Sign in and create an account by using your gmail account.


Step 5: You will be redirected to the home page and get the STAR CERTIFICATION link. Click on it and go to the training page.


Step 6 : Go to Complete & Continue will get all study material related to that course. Carefully read that material.


Step 7: After complete study and a test will appear there. To get a certificate you must pass the test.



After passing the test , your passing marks/ result shows there.

Go to your profile menu and click on certificate.

All courses that you have completed certificates are available here.

You can download any safety training certificate.

These certificates are completely certified & can add in your resume.

So friend thus you can get any safety related training online free and enhance your knowledge skills.


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