How to preparation For UPSC examination ( Study tips for UPSC examination)

By | September 28, 2021

How to preparation For UPSC examination ( Study tips for UPSC examination)

How to Prepare For UPSC examination ( Study tips for UPSC examination)

Hi friends, today i am telling you about How to do  preparation For UPSC examination , In this article you will read about preparation For UPSC examination so read full article n also gives us ur valuable feedback. 

The UPSC civil service test is one of the most respected and challenging tests in the country. Each year, about 11 lac people prepare for the UPSC and register for the exam in the hope of gaining a decent job in the public sector.

Being the most difficult test in the country, the UPSC fix also requires the same amount of dedication and attention. In 2021 the UPSC prelims will take place on June 27th. If you have not yet started preparing for the UPSC, please start now and give it a chance to shoot very well.

If you are new to the field of public service, don’t worry, this UPSC job preparation guide will help you with a plan on how to prepare for the UPSC exam without training and give you amazing tips.

What do you need to break the UPSC test?


Final guide for the preparation of UPSC 2021

No magic or secret formula can help you break the test. With that said, let’s move on to some of the tips and tricks that best fit your study pattern and the resources you can get.


1. Prepare your mind for preparation For UPSC examination 

Before you start preparing and checking the syllabus, wait a while and do some subtle mental preparation for the task. It required a great deal of time and sacrifice. Are you ready to spend about 10 hours a day studying? Are you a morning person?

Before taking the first step in the journey, combine all the motivations and find the right motivation after doing what you are doing.

The right time to plan and set goals that lead to your ultimate goal.

Go well and understand the whole syllabus and make the arrangements you need to pay special attention to,


The UPSC test has three phases

  • Prelims- the exam that checks your aptitude and general knowledge
  • Mains- the main exam that evaluates your descriptive skills.
  • Interview- the most important part. This is where most people fail.

2. Make a valid time table 

Gone are the days when you used to make a time table that you worked hard all week? Getting good results. You need a timetable. Some of the greatest people in the past and the present have times they follow every day to become what they are. Therefore, make a schedule that you can follow.It is imperative that you adhere to the timetable. To achieve something, you have to give up leisure activities and have fun in your life. Make the timeline flexible but try to be as firm as possible when it comes to following the timeline.


3. Started with the basic of the syllabus

In general, the UPSC exam syllabus is very broad and you can expect unexpected questions to appear in the exam. Therefore, it is best to have a thorough knowledge of the syllabus to be sure of the test.Without going through the syllabus, it’s hard to just go in and read what you ‘think’ could get into the exam.You can find the complete UPSC syllabus online on the official website. For convenience, you can print and have it where you like.After you go through the syllabus, you can choose what to read, the topics you need to cover, the areas you need to focus etc.


4. Daily updated with newspapers and magazines

Current news raises a significant number of questions, so do not miss the current news. The best ways to find out about current affairs are newspapers and magazines. Take any newspaper of your choice such as The Hindu, The Economic Times; and magazines such as Reader’s Digest, Competition Success Review, Prosperity Darpan, and so on.

It is highly recommended that you read the newspaper and magazine daily and make important notes. Because writing something makes it more memorable than just reading it once or twice.

In addition, you can also watch other Youtube channels that upload the latest daily news for UPSC seekers. A good example of this is Study IQ channel that downloads current daily news for free.


5. Select a theme of your choice

Selecting an optional topic in the exam is an important task as it counts 500 marks. Therefore, you should choose the option wisely. Make a list of the good and the bad and check your strengths for each of the lessons.


6. Studief Basic NCERT syllabus

To prepare for the UPSC exam, you need to read all the NCERT books individually from level 6 to level 12. It’s like ‘you have to have it’, so, you have to cover it up first. Once you have cleared the entire syllabus, you can move on to more complex topics and topics.

NCERT books are too long. They are accurate and cover all the basics you need to do the test.

You can also find ready-made UPSC notes on a variety of topics. There are 100 books that will help you preparation For UPSC examination and the NCERT books are, hands down, the best books to start with.


7. Make Your handwritten notes 

Yes, nothing can beat handmade notes. In fact, research shows that taking notes while reading is the same as reading the same article seven times. Therefore, always remember to take notes and highlight key points.

Use a variety of notebooks to make different notes and write in clear and vivid handwriting. By doing so, you will be able to manage your reading and review it later as soon as possible.If you are not used to taking notes, start doing it now and see for yourself the difference. Practice writing descriptive responses during the recording. One of the unique things about the UPSC test is that you have to write descriptive responses.

Often there are answers, answers are about analytical, critical, and communication skills. With regular practice and wording, you can make good use of the art of writing excellent descriptive answers.


9. Resolve pre exam papers 

Resolving last year’s questionnaires and humorous papers every two or three days will help you get a fresh idea of ​​the actual questionnaire. The questions will change but the content of the paper remains the same. These pages will help you to

Self-assessment of your skills.

Identify your mistakes and how you can work on them.

Finding your strengths and weaknesses.

How to do preparation For UPSC examination at home.

Online resources

To be successful, various government agencies and websites offer essential resources that you can go through to get more reading material in addition to the books you will buy.

Government websites like PRS, PIB, and channels like Loksabha and Rajyasabha TV are helpful.


11. Review your heart

Follow the timetable, and continue studying. Once you have completed the syllabus, you can start reviewing things and making good notes.

The UPSC syllabus is very large which is why reviews are very important to ensure that you keep everything you have learned so far.

Keep an eye out for the latest news and start reading magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, etc.


As you can preparation For UPSC examination , do not forget to keep yourself motivated and keep your expectations high. You are more likely to lose confidence in the middle while measuring the complete syllabus. Don’t let indifference get inside you. Do your best to tie in to prepare for a solid UPSC exam.

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