How to write a Resume or CV (curriculum vitae) for any job

By | December 26, 2021

How to write a resume or CV (curriculum vitae) for any job

How to write a resume or CV (curriculum vitae) for any job
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Hi riendrs, are you looking to make a career change but not quite sure how to go about Tackling that or are you in the processor making a career change but you’re not sure how to put together a resume when you don’t really have a ton of relevant experience? If yes, then I write with deep knowledge tips in this article for you. I’m going to walk you through step-by-step how to put together a resume that really helps you shine and get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters. I cover all things career development and leadership strategy in this great and helpful article. So if you’re interested in learning more career tips as well as leadership strategy ideas then definitely subscribe our website and join us with our website because I want you to be notified every time I upload many post related to career, education, knowledge and money. I fully understand how scary it can be to work on change, especially if you feel like you have absolutely no knowledge involved in this new job. I did it myself. I transitioned from a legal career into a engineering career and I’ll tell you that first step of putting out your resume out into the world can feel very intimidating, but don’t worry I have you covered. I understand if your career aspirations don’t necessarily align with your current experience or even your education, and I’m going to walk you through some ways and some techniques to compose a resume that will help you shine. First and foremost, the secret to any great resume when getting noticed when you’re transitioning careers is putting together the right resume format. I’m going to talk to you a little bit more about how to write a skills-based or a functional resume in a moment. In this article we will tell to you how to write a Resume or CV.


Step #1:


Evaluate Skills


You first want to evaluate your transferrable skills. What are transferrable skills? Well, those are the skills that transfer from position to position; they’re usually not technical or hard skills like coding or learning languages. It’s usually more of a soft skill like communication skills, organization skills, teamwork, and team management. Those are the types of skills that as you’ve transition careers are really transferrable across all careers. We need people who can communicate no matter what the job, right? So it’s so important that you identify those transferrable skills that are most aligned with what you’ve currently done or done in the past that you can utilize on your resume.


Step #2:


Skills facing

Start with a functional resume or skills face resume. You’ll hear this word interchangeably, the same type of resume format. Essentially how they differ from the traditional resume or chronological resume is that a chronological resume usually highlights your experience going backwards, right? Talking about previous jobs you worked in and that experience underneath. On the other hand, a skills-based resume or functional resume instead highlights the skills you have and includes bullet points of experience underneath each of those skills, so you can really highlight the experience you have that relates to that transferrable skill.


Step #3:


Strategic values


Write strategic value statements. Strategic value statements in particular are so helpful in, ensuring that you’re communicating your true transferrable skill and how it relates to the goals of the organization that you’re pursuing to work for. So, what is a strategic value statement? Exactly .It’s a format essentially of writing your bullet points under each transferrable skill that highlight

 (a) The industry,

(b) The scope,

(c) The magnitude of the role you had,

(d) The impact it had on the goals of the organization you worked for,

So your future manager when reading your resume can see the actual work you have done and consider you in that role. Think of yourself in that role, doing that work for him. So if you’re ready to write your next skills-based resume, then go ahead and comment below that. You’re ready to make a career transition because I want to know and I want to be looking out for you and cheering you along. Hey, are you ready to write your skills-based resume now? Great. Enroll in my free five-day email course. I’ll link it below so you can get access to basically five days of free coaching on how to write a skills-based resume that’s going to really help you shine in the work environment. So enroll now and you’ll get an email each day walking you through how to write your transferrable skills, how to write your value statements, and how to write a really compelling skills-based resume so you can finally get your dream job. If you like this article, please be sure to like comment, share it with others. I definitely want to know that you’re enjoying these topics and you’re finding them helpful. I bring all things, career strategy and leadership development to you each week and I would really appreciate it if you comment and let me know that you find this article( write a Resume or CV) helpful.


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