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Current affairs July 2020:

Current affairs ( General Knowledge)

Current affairs ( General Knowledge)

ISERB launches new Vigyan Scheme – The Department of Science and Technology (DST) Science and Engineering Engineering (SERB) launched a program called ‘Accelerate Vigyan’ on July 1, 2020. promote high-quality scientific research in the country by providing a common platform to hold workshops. Learning programs and capacity building programs for researchers and students. The website of the Accelerate Vigyan Scheme was also launched on July 1, 2020 ( Quick Vigyan Scheme starts with the SAMOOHAN mission (Gather). This is the task of uniting all scientific collaborations in the country under one roof. This mission has two parts – 1) SANGOSHTHI (Seminar and Symposia). 2) SAYONJIA (Chronicle).
Nafta 2.0 Launches 1 July 2020 – New free trade agreement between United States, Mexico and Canada effective 1 July 2020 onwards. It has eliminated the first 26-year free trade agreement between the three countries – the North American Free Trade Agreement. A new free trade agreement has been ratified by all three countries. All three signatories to the new trade agreement have passed it by different names, the United States calling it the USMCA- United States Convention Mexico Canada, while the Canadian Government called CUSMA, Mexico by the T-MEC.
Unemployment Rise to 10.9% in June From 23.5% in May 2020 – With Opening 1 from 8 June 2020, economic activity has resumed in the country due to two months of unemployment. According to the June 2020 data released by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, the unemployment rate in June 2020 was 10.9% in India. The unemployment rate reached 23.52 percent in the country in April due to a global closure. The same thing continued in May 2020 with 23.48 percent.
Indra Mani Pandey Appoints India Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva – At the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, Switzerland, Indian Bannan International Service Service chief Indra Mani Pandey has been appointed as India’s next Attorney General and Permanent Representative. In the Department of Foreign Affairs, Indra Mani Pandey is currently the additional secretary. Indra Mani Pandey will win in 1983. Rajiv Kumar Chander was appointed to the post on May 30, 2017.
Siddhartha Mukherjee and Raj Chetty were named ‘2020 Great Immigrants’ – 2011 Pulitzer Prize winner Dr Siddhartha Mukherjee and Harvard University Economics Professor Raj Chetty were among 38 newcomers to be honored as’ 2020 Great Immigrants’ by Carnegie Corporation. Every year since 2006, just before American Independence Day on July 4, Carnegie Corporations of New York honors the legacy of its founder Andrew Carnegie — a former Scottish immigrant to the United States who rose from poverty to become a leading industrialist. he also continued to establish a fund to fund educational programs throughout the United States.
Department of Defense Authorizes 33 New Fighter Jets Purchase and 59 Major Buildings of 59 MiG-29 Aircraft – A proposal to acquire 33 new aircraft was approved by the Department of Defense on 2 July 2020. This will help the Indian Air Force to deal with the long-term – The need arises to increase its fighter riders. Along with the purchase of 33 new aircraft, the existing 59 MG 29 aircraft will also be upgraded. All purchases and upgrades will cost Rs 18,148 crore.



Current News 4th July 2020

For Junior Athletes, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Ministry will launch TOPS – To recruit young athletes from the upcoming 2024 (Paris) and 2028 Olympics (Los Angeles), the national Department of Youth Affairs and Sport launches TOPS (Target Olympic Podium Scheme) for Junior Athletes. This was announced on 3 July 2020 by the Minister of State (I / C) of Youth and Sport for Sport Kiren Rijiju during the launch of the ‘Fit Hai to Hit Hai India’ program. The aim of the program will be to ensure that efforts are made to ensure that India completes the top 10 of all medals at the 2028 Olympics.
Mangalyaan takes photograph of Mars’ main natural satellite ‘Phobos’ – The Mangalyaan Mission (also known as Mars Orbiter Mission) of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) photographed’ Phobos’ on July 1, 2020. This photo was shared by ISRO on 3rd 2020. A portrait of Phobos was taken from a distance of 4,400 kilometers by the Mars Orbiter Mission on 1 July. At this time, the Mars Orbiter Mission was about 4,200 miles from Mars. ISRO also stated that 210 meters is the local solution for the captured image. Stickney Crater is the largest crater in Phobos. In a photo taken by the Mars Orbiter Mission, Stickney Crater is seen along with Roche, Shklovsky and Phobos’ Grildrig craters.
For solar energy and solar energy, NLC and CIL to build JVC – India Government Navratna Company – NLC India Limited has signed an agreement with Maharashtra Company Coal India Limited to establish a Joint Venture Company (JVC) to build Solar and Energy Equipment Heat. For the joint venture, both NLC and Coal India will have a 50:50 ratio. This was announced on 3 July 2020 by NLC India. Solar power and Thermal power of 5000 megawatts will be developed by a joint venture company. Joint Venture Company will be established under the Department of Coal.
Maharashtra Government and UKIBC sign MoU – A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 4 July 2020 between the non-profit organization UKIBC – UK India Business Council and MIDC – Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. MIDC is the premier institution of the Maharashtra government for the development of industrial infrastructure. The MoU will help strengthen the Maharashtra Government’s partnership with business in the United Kingdom, and will significantly improve the business environment in the province.
Atmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge presented by Prime Minister – Atmanirbhar Bharat Created with Digital Technologies, App Innovation Challenge launched on July 4, 2020 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In partnership with NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission, the App Innovation application is an initiative of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology. , those that may be a global application.
August 2022, Himachal Pradesh plans to provide 100% FHTC to all rural households – On July 4, 2020, during a video conference with Union Minister Jal Shakti about the launch of the Jal Jeevan Mission in Himachal Pradesh, the former Prime Minister of Himachal Pradesh Jairam Thakur has made it clear that the Government of Himachal Pradesh plans to provide more than 100 Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC) sources to all rural households in the province by August 2022. If the Government achieves this goal it will be ahead. of the National Objective set by the Government of India to provide FHTC to all rural families in the country by 2024.


Current News 10 July 2020

ADB Renews MoU through IEA For Energy Sector Sustainability and Resilience – Manila Bank based in the United States has renewed its three-year memorandum of understanding signed in 2017 with Paris based International Energy Agency. The renewed MoU was signed on 9 July 2020 for a period of three years. The regional development bank-ADB signed the MoU and the International Organization-IEA back in March 2017 to promote clean energy development in developing member states under the ADB.
The world’s first PPE Kits with Triple Viral Shield Technology Launched – Indian Production Company- Moyal Textile Mils on 9 July 2020 unveiled the first of its kind to PPE Kits in the world. As well as reusable KPus Kits, reusable clothing and zero face mask masks are also unveiled by Loyal Textile Mills. Masks, clothing, and re-branded PPE Kits were developed by Loyal Textile Mills in partnership with textile company Reliance Industries Limited and Switzerland located in HeiQ Equipment AG.
Unidentified Pneumonia Reported From Kazakhstan by Chinese Ambassador to China-Fatality Rate Higher than COVID-19 – A health counseling release was issued on July 9, 2020 from the Chinese Ambassador to Kazakhstan to Chinese Citizens in Kazakhstan and officials in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. According to medical advice, the new mortality rate of ‘unknown pneumonia’ has risen sharply than the Novel Corona virus in Kazakhstan.
Boeing Completes Delivery of 37 Air Force Vacations to India – United States Aerospace-Boeing has completed the delivery of all 37 Air Force Aircraft in June 2020 mandated by the Department of Defense for Indian Defense in 2015. This was announced by Booing in a press release on their website on July 10, 2020. Of the 37 Military Helicopters 22 were AH-64E Apache Helicopters and 15 were heavy CH-47F Chinook Helicopter.
Premier of e-Established 750 MW Sanga Central Power Station in Rewa – Through video, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the 750 MW Rewa Ultra Mega Solar plant on 10 July 2020. To date, 750 MW Rewa Ultra The Mega Solar Power Project is the largest single-day power project in India and Asia. The Rewa Ultra Solar Power Project is located at Gurh Tehsil in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa district. We are distributing more than 1590 hectares of land.
The first launch of Rock’s China ‘Kuaizhou-11 (K-11)’ failed, rocket failure failed one year in China – After three years of delay, on July 10, 2020 Solid-Fueled Carrier Rocket China its a girl’s plane. Kuaizhou 11 was originally scheduled to be launched in the first half of 2018, delayed due to an explosion during engine testing back in 2020. The rocket was launched at the Juuquan Satellite Launch Center. Kuaizhou meaning ‘Fast Ship’ in Mandrin Chinese language. Kuaizhou-11 was a low-cost carrier rock used to launch satellites from Low Earth and Sun-Synchronous Orbit. Kuaizhou-11 was the 19th Rocket launched by China in 2020. And it was the launch of 3rd Rocket China in 2020 that ended in failure.
National Fishermen’s Day is celebrated on July 10 – The Indian government back in 2001 announced July 10 as the annual Fishermen’s Day. The initiative to celebrate the Day was first taken by Mumbai; s Central Institute of Fisheries Education. According to data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s GLOBEFISH, December 2019, India is the 2nd largest Manufacturer of Marine in the World. Also, India is the third largest producer in the world.

Current News 18th July 2020

India signs MoU to keep high-level stocks in United States – On July 17, 2020, India and the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding that began negotiations to store petrol reserves on US soil. The US-India Strategic Energy Partnership Cooperation Minister was caught between the Minister for Trade Unions of Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Dharmendra Pradhan and US Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette. Countries that have signed a Memorandum of Understanding begin negotiations on strategic and strategic plans. This includes the exchange of information and best practices.
Transmit to be included in the Madhu Babu Pension Center – On 18 July 2020, the Odisha Government announced that transmitters should be included under Madhum Babu Pension Yojana. Madhu Babu Pesnion Yojana is a social protection program launched in Odisha province. Under the program, 5,000 actors will receive Rupees 500, Rs 700 and Rs 900 a month as a pension. Women currently experiencing divorce cases should also be brought under the scheme.
India launches 5 development sites Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan – On July 17, 2020, the Indian government announced that five agencies were being formed by various organizations to promote technology in India. This will help develop Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. The areas to be developed are for specific sectors and are as follows – 1) BHEL for the energy sector. 2) CMFTI manufacturing sector. 3) HMT machine tools. 4) ICAT and ARAI for the automotive sector. Forums were established to bring together problem solvers and problem seekers. The site will focus on education, industry, research institutes, startups and professionals.
India-Russia organizes joint projects in Asia and Africa – India and Russia host a tangible meeting on ‘Russia-Russia relations in a state of global peace in the aftermath of the epidemic’. The meeting was organized by the Indian Foreign Affairs Council and the Russian Foreign Council. The conference was launched in 2017 and was held separately in Moscow and New Delhi. Experts who attended the conference discussed the possibilities of digital technology to enable economic relations and to revitalize economic partnerships to start building Information Technology.
PM SVANidhi’s application filed – On July 17, 2020, PM SVANidhi’s application was opened by the Minister of Urban Affairs. The app aims to provide an easy-to-use digital interface for lending institutions and staff to assist and process loan applications from street vendors. The application will assist in empowering business licenses for small lending institutions, banks, Non-banking Institutions to earn high interest rates. The application will also provide paper borrowing resources.
Nelson Mandela International Day marked July 18 – Every year Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated worldwide on July 18. The day was officially declared by the United Nations in 2009 and Mandela Day was celebrated in 2010. This day is seen as a global conference that will work to celebrate the Idea, “Everyone has the power to change the world”. He was born on July 18, 1918. Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated on his birthday.
Institute Approves Zonal Master of Bhagirathi Eco-Sensitive Zone – On 17 July 2020, Union Environment Minister Shri Prakash Javdekar announced that the Zonal Master of Bhagirathi Eco-Sensitive Zone has been approved. The announcement was made by the Minister during a review meeting of the Chaardham Road Project in Uttarakhand Province. The plan was developed by the Uttarakhand Government and evaluated by the Jal Shakti Department. The Bhagirathi Eco-Sensitive Zone notice was issued by the Minister of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change in 2012. The notice was then amended in 2018.

Current News 22nd July 2020

National Disease Control Center conducted Sero-Prevalence Study in New Delhi – The National Center for Disease Control under the auspices of the Department of Health and Family Welfare has been commissioned to conduct a child screening study in New Delhi. The study was conducted in collaboration with the National Center for Disease Control and the Delhi Government. The interview was conducted in all districts of Delhi between 27th June to 10th July, 2020. The nominee’s cell was tested with IgG antibodies (Immunoglobulin G). Antibodies have been identified using COVID KAVACH ELISA tests. The test is approved by the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR). According to the results of the sero-disease study, the increase in IgG antibodies in Delhi was 23.48%.
By Chittagong from Bangland, India begins Trans Shipping to North East – On July 21, 2020, India began a series of shipments of goods from India to the North East via Port Chittagong in Bangladesh. India and Bangladesh have signed an agreement to move goods north-east through the ports of Bangladesh. Goods shipped to India will enjoy a 28-day free stay in the ports of Banglandi under an international travel agreement.
Dexamethasone approved by Japan as a COVID-19 treatment – The Japanese government recently approved Dexamethasone as the second COVID-19 treatment. The approval came after Britain showed that the drug had reduced the mortality rate of COVID-19 patients. Dexamethasone is approved for treatment with Remdesivir. A United Kingdom clinical trial has confirmed that Dexamethasone as the first drug saved the lives of COVID-19. India approved the use of Dexamethasone in June 2020. The drug was found to reduce the mortality rate of one-third of COVID-19 ventilator patients and one-fifth of patients on oxygen therapy. In India, the Department of Health approved Dexamethasone as an alternative to Methylprednisolone.
NPCI introduces UPI Auto Pay Feature feature – On 22 July 2020, the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) introduced the UPI Auto Pay feature for recurring payments. Posted feature is dedicated to recurring payments. It can be used for many financial purposes such as booking a passing bus, operating fee, paying DTH, booking train tickets among others.
Agreement signed between India and Maldives to establish Emergency Medical Services in Duna – On July 22, 2020, India and the Maldives signed an agreement to establish Emergency Medical Services in Duna. Emergency Medical Services is funded by India under the assistance of 20 million USD in neighboring countries. This will help to increase cooperation between countries, especially in the areas of health care, disaster response in times of crisis, etc. India established SAARC Digital Convention. Under SAARC, India created the COVID-19 Emergency Fund and donated the first $ 10 million.
G20 Digital Ministers Gather for India Visit – On July 22, 2020, Minister of Technology, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, will attend the G20 Digital Ministers Summit. Digital Teachers Conference is hosted by Saudi Arabia. The Presidency of Saudi Arabia has chosen a theme – 21st Century Opportunity for All. Under the theme, the ministers representing the G20 member states will discuss – 1) Empowering people by creating conditions where all people, especially young people and women, can live, work and prosper. 2) Protect the planet by promoting joint efforts to protect our society as a whole. 3) Build new boundaries by embracing long-term strategies and sharing new technologies and advances.
MoU signed between CBDT and CBIC for data sharing – On 21 July 2020, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) and the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The agreement will help facilitate the exchange of information between the boards

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